The Mormon Bachelor

This site is meant to be fun!  If it works, it works.

Date Our (Mormon) Son

Many may think this site is strange.  Some may think it's funny.  We just want it to be fun.  As parents, we took notice when good friends of ours met a young woman, gave her $100, and asked her to ask their son out on a date.  The young couple fell in love, and now they have grandchildren.  That's all we want.  Is that too much to ask?
                                      - John & Susan Richards

Our Son, John Richards (Jr.)

John Richards, Jr., age 25, is a little shy still.  He needs a kick in the pants.  He has been accepted to law school and deferred a year to remain in Utah County to find a wife.  He needs to pick up the pace and date more if he is going to be ready before law school start in late August 2011.

A few hard and fast rules

Let's save everyone time ...

Step 1: Do you fit the criteria below?

1.  Female (do we have to say that?)
2.  Mormon/Latter-day Saint
3.  Ages 18-26
4.  Willing to come to Provo, UT area to date

Step 2: Fill out the inquiry form (we will email you back and request the following)

1.  Realistic, up-to-date photo(s)
2.  1-page bio
3.  Details about your family

Step 3: Go on a date!

1.  You and our son work out a date.  We'll help if the process bogs down.
2.  You and he take it form there.

    Like what you see?
    Ask us for a date for yourself or a friend!